Below are the links to all my files.

Arabic letter packets:
Preschool Alif
Preschool Baa
Preschool Taa
Preschool Thaa
Preschool Jeem
Preschool ‘Haa
Preschool Khaa
Preschool Daal
Preschool Dhaal
Preschool Raa
Preschool Zaa
Preschool Seen
Preschool Sheen
Preschool Saad
Preschool Daad
Preschool ‘Taa
Preschool ‘Thaa
Preschool Ayn
Preschool Ghayn
Preschool Faa
Preschool Qaaf
Preschool Kaaf
Preschool Lam
Preschool Meem
Preschool Noon
Preschool Haa
Preschool Waw
Preschool Yaa

Arabic Flashcards and More:
Arabic Alphabet Flashcards
Arabic Alphabet Form Flashcards
Arabic Alphabet Harakat Flashcards (short vowels only)
Arabic Alphabet Harakat Flashcards 2 (short and long vowels)
Arabic Number Cards

The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That Activity Packs:
Miles and Miles of Reptiles
On Beyond Bugs
Wish For A Fish

7 thoughts on “Files

  1. asalaamu alaikum sister jazakallah for uploading these i know your not done with this website but alif baa and taa the link isnt working properly

    i realy like these workbooks and my kids enjoy them may allah reward you for your effort



  2. Assalamo Alaykum
    I have been trying to download the letters baa and taa but they seen to be linked to alif. There isn’t any access to them. I would really love to have the whole alphabet for teaching my sons Arabic. The worksheets are wonderful and very creative and I believe my children will truly enjoy learning with the activities that are included in each pack. Jazzakallah Khair
    Umm Ahmed


  3. As Salaamu alaikum dear sister, for wonderful and quality materials you are sharing.
    We love them all and use them teaching children in our mosque. One think I would like to request when downloading or printing “Arabic Alphabet & Madd Flashcards” starting from letter ghayn same flashcards uploaded as “Arabic Alphabet Harakat Flashcards” not the madd version. If you could kindly fix it, shukran in advance.
    Sr. Besmeh


    1. Walaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Sr, I apologize for the wait on your request. I think I added that file prematurely as it had lots of mistakes. It has all been corrected now and is available to download as Harakat #2 Flashcards.


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